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What moving supplies will you need?

To be honest, moving is one of the biggest hassles you’ll come across in your life. You first need to plan your packing process, arrange boxes, dismantle the furniture, pack all the stuff and then the most difficult of them all – moving!

If you want to avoid the entire struggle then let us take care of everything and relax – say hello to the experts at Sydney Hills Removalist. Just call us at 02 9737 1166 and sit back and watch our highly determined team do all your work in most economical rates possible in Sydney.

However, if you really want to take up the challenge and do all the stuff by yourself, here is a guide on what supplies you will need before the big day i.e the shifting day.


This is one of the essentials for packing. You can get the boxes from any nearby departmental or medical store. Check the boxes before picking, an old damaged box can ruin your moving day. However, if you have got any of these manhandled boxes and you have nothing extra, just put some of the light, insignificant stuff which if the box breaks don’t get shattered like cotton, clothes, foot pads.

Moreover, it is always recommended to divide your goods into two; normal and fragile. Find some strong boxes for the fragile and valuable items and calculate the quantity according to the number of fragile items. Place your fragile goods in a way that they don’t get much space for movement inside the boxes otherwise they’ll get demolished inside the boxes while moving. Fill up the empty spaces with soft stuff, i.e. newspaper, cotton, old fabric etc. Keep the boxes with fragile items separate with “FRAGILE” written on them.


This is also another essential along with the boxes. Tapes are needed to seal the boxes, intact them and also repairing of boxes. If there are small holes on the box you can just apply the tape from outside. You’ll need masking tape for labelling the boxes, duct tape for closing heavy boxes while shipping tapes are needed to seal the box. Getting at least two to three rolls of each wouldn’t cost you much and would decrease your hassle of visiting the store repeatedly.


The two most basic supplies you need are the above mentioned ones, however, to make moving easier it is recommended to get some permanent markers, cutters, newspaper (for filling spaces), bubble wrap, gloves for protection of your hand and bungee cords etc. Also, get some cleaning supplies for your new place like glass cleaners, broom, sponges etc. For expert tips and help, contact us at 02 9737 1166.

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    I’d like to commend David and his team for the efficient and excellent customer service they have provided us. His team arrived 20 mins earlier than the arranged time, did a quick assessment of how long the move will take and got the job done. David and his team was courteous as well!

    Jeff, Baulkham Hills

    We moved yesterday and the two men arrived on time, we estimated for a two hour move (one bedroom granny flat) and came in at two hours which was great as I was stressing about money. The guys didn’t muck around and I was very pleased with the service.

    Jessica Spence

    I had David and Sam move me from Baulkham Hills to Northmead. I was really happy with the service they provided. everything went very smoothly and with a minimum of fuss. The guys were great. If I need to move again I will be ring AAA City. I am also happy to recommend them to others.