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Interstate Removals

Professionalism is something that needs to be present in a removal company. When you’re dealing with moving your belongings from one location to another, you want things to run flawlessly, eliminating any unnecessary interruptions.

Accomplishing just this is easy when Hills Removalist is the company who’s in charge of your interstate. Years of providing great service to Sydney residents have gained us a reputation of excellence that we are exceedingly proud of and are constantly doing what it takes to keep our reputation high.

Great service is what we promise, and great service is what we deliver. Your interstate removal will be seamless when we’re put to work.

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How Hills Removalist can make your interstate removal a breeze:

There are a certain set of skills that need to be put to use when dealing with an interstate removal. At Hills Removalist we have all these necessary skills and we aren’t afraid to put them to use, allowing you to enjoy the most hassle free move you have ever experienced.

We can help you to get all your items packed up and prepared for their long journey. Valuables are always safe in our hands because we use a top of the line, highly skilled and highly trained team to take care of your belongings.

If you request that Hills Removalists provide you with packing materials, you can guarantee that the supplies we give to you will not fall short on quality. Having a box that will rip under pressure is of no help to you and will only make your interstate removal a lot harder. This is why at Hills Removalist; we place great emphasis on quality.


We know how to pack!

Putting things in a box or wrapping them up may sound easy. However, there is a lot more work and thought that needs to go into this process than one may believe. Remember, valuables are valuable for a reason.

They are items that are either pricey, or items that are dear to you and ones you don’t want even the slightest bit of damage to happen to in any case. We will ensure that the measures we take to get your items ready to be transported are the measures that will allow them to stay unharmed, and in the perfect condition that we received them in.


What’s the heaviest item that you will be transporting?

You’ve perhaps looked at that bulky piece in your business place or home and wondered how you would be able to squeeze it get it down the staircase without it smashing a few fingers on the way. Here’s how: You allow our professionals to take charge.

Getting heavy items off the ground is one part of the job, however, not the hardest part of the job. You may need to get these items down the stairs, through slim hallways and of course, into the vehicle they will be transported in. At Hills Removalist, we know just how to pick your items up and how to carry them without enduring strains, finger smashes or causing damage to your furniture.


There will be a lot of moving around in a long move:

When you’re moving takes you out of Sydney and to another location you are looking at long traveling times and your belongings will be sitting in a vehicle for hours, going through traffic, around cars, and you will want to ensure that on this journey, they are able to stay safe.

Your Hills Removalist movers will ensure that your items are carefully and securely packed in the moving truck so that when they arrive at their ultimate location, they are not only in one piece, but also 100% damage free. There’s an art in packing furniture and other valuables in a vehicle for transportation and we’re proud to tell you that at Hills Removalist, we have mastered this art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which interstate locations do you service from the Hills District in Sydney?

We offer interstate removal services from the Hills District to various destinations across Australia. Whether you’re moving to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, or any other interstate location, we can assist you with your relocation needs.

What types of interstate removal services do you provide?

We provide comprehensive interstate removal services for residential, commercial, and corporate clients. Whether you’re moving your household belongings, office equipment, or entire business operations, we have the expertise and resources to facilitate a smooth interstate relocation.

How experienced is your team in handling interstate moves?

Our team of interstate removalists has extensive experience in coordinating and executing interstate moves of all sizes and complexities. They are trained professionals who understand the logistical challenges and intricacies involved in interstate relocations.

Do you offer door-to-door interstate removal services?

Yes, we offer door-to-door interstate removal services to streamline the relocation process for our clients. From packing and loading at your current location to unloading and unpacking at your new destination, we handle every aspect of your interstate move.

We offer competitive prices:

There is no reason that your interstate removal needs to empty your bank account. At Hills Removalist, we make sure that this is not the case by offering our clients affordability. Great service does not have to wear a price tag that is unattractive, we know this and this is not something that you will experience with us.

We provide Interstate Removal within the following Cities:

  • Removalist to Sydney to Brisbane
  • Removalist Brisbane to Sydney
  • Removalist Sydney to Melbourne
  • Removalist Melbourne to Sydney
  • Removalist Sydney to Canberra
  • Removalist Canberra to Sydney
  • Removalist ACT

Call us today and receive a quote on your interstate removal. Our friendly and helpful representatives are waiting to hear from you and for the opportunity to provide you with all the answers you need to your very pressing interstate removal questions. You can also find out about our other services either through taking a deeper look at our website or asking the agent who you speak with.

Contact Us at Hills Removalist today for more information on our full moving services or call us on 02 9737 1166.

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    Customer Reviews

    I’d like to commend David and his team for the efficient and excellent customer service they have provided us. His team arrived 20 mins earlier than the arranged time, did a quick assessment of how long the move will take and got the job done. David and his team was courteous as well!

    Jeff, Baulkham Hills

    We moved yesterday and the two men arrived on time, we estimated for a two hour move (one bedroom granny flat) and came in at two hours which was great as I was stressing about money. The guys didn’t muck around and I was very pleased with the service.

    Jessica Spence

    I had David and Sam move me from Baulkham Hills to Northmead. I was really happy with the service they provided. everything went very smoothly and with a minimum of fuss. The guys were great. If I need to move again I will be ring AAA City. I am also happy to recommend them to others.