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Avoid Damage During a Move- Follow These Tips

Damage during a move is always a concern. Property damage can be prevented with proper wrapping, packing, loading, and transport. Property owners that are having a moving company perform their move, including their packing have little concern as professional movers are both qualified and insured. For those that are planning on relocating themselves, the following strategies from Hills Removalists will help to ensure that you have a damage free move.


Packing Your Belongings

Properly packing your belongings is one of the most important aspects of a damage free move. Start with going through your belongings, determining what will be going with you to your new location. Once you have your items sorted, you will have a good idea of the number and type of boxes you will need to pack your belongings. Gather the right type of packing materials. You’ll need bubble wrap for breakables, boxes- ask your local vendors like the grocery store and liquor store (here you can get plenty of boxes with separators in them that are great for packing kitchen materials) to save boxes for you. Also, begin to save newspaper to wrap items, so they aren’t scratched or damaged during a move. You’ll also need mattress wrap and plenty of tape and markers and a notebook designated as your inventory checklist and box list. If you have a moving company performing your move, they may supply moving materials free of charge, or they may offer a good discount on moving materials.

When packing pay attention to weight. Do not pack heavy items with fragile items; be sure to use sturdy boxes, secured with packing tape and plenty of cushions inside to ensure soft padding should items shift. And, don’t over pack boxes as this will increase the risk of breakage should the box be dropped.
When possible, take apart your furniture and carefully wrap the pieces and sharp edges, keeping the parts together and labeling.


Moving Equipment

Your moving equipment is also essential to ensure a damage free move. Before you move, have a dolly or hand cart that will allow you to move multiple boxes and bulky furniture at once without the risk of dropping boxes or furniture, or damaging the floor when moving. Using a dolly will also help to eliminate the strain on the body.

Moving pads offer an easy and reliable method of sliding items without damaging the floor.

When removing large furniture, dressers, etc. be sure to use moving straps that secure the pieces to prevent drawers from opening and falling causing damage to the piece or the floor, etc.

Use protective materials to properly safeguard your property to avoid damage during transport. Furniture blankets can be used for several purposes- wrapping furniture, protecting the walls and floors, draped over banisters, etc.

Plywood sheets can also be used to protect floors, such as when moving heavy appliances, placing hardwood sheets on the floor will help to prevent damage to the floor.

Corner guards can be used when moving to prevent chipped edges.


Extra Protection

When moving yourself, it is important to take safety measures to ensure damage does not result. Securing surfaces will help to prevent property damage. Follow the above strategies as well as taking the extra precautions below.

Measure and plan ahead: Large items like your couch, refrigerator, etc., measure and plan the route you’ll use to remove the furniture. Measure the door sizes, the hall, etc. to be sure that the item will fit through the space. Planning ahead will save strain and help to prevent damage to your home, as well as the item.

Don’t rush. While you may be anxious to get the house loaded and moved, rushing will lead to failure. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete a damage free move.

Get all obstacles out of the way. Don’t have boxes piled in the hall or around the exits. Keep the routes clear and clutter free.

Having a moving company perform your move is always the least stressful for a homeowner. If your budget prevents you from hiring a moving company, enlist the services of family and friends. Do not plan on moving yourself; and, dress appropriately on moving day. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes that will protect your feet should a box or two fall on your feet.

For more moving tips or to discuss your moving needs, contact Hills Removalist. We offer local and Interstate moves. Just give us a call at the number below or contact us via our website. We guarantee budget moving rates.
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