How to Wrap Furniture for Moving

Furniture is one of the hardest things to pack when you are moving. Disassembling furniture like beds, tables, and chairs is such an exhausting job to pack them with ease and save on space when you load them in the moving truck. But there is some furniture that cannot be disassembled at all. You require a lot of skill to properly wrap these items for furniture storage.

Here are a few tips and the right methods of packing furniture for proper storage if you have no idea how to wrap furniture.

Tips to package furniture the right way before your next move

1. Start by having all the necessary packing materials close to you, such as: cardboard boxes, packing tape, newspapers, old blankets, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, twine or rope, and labeling materials.

2. When it comes to wrapping solid furniture that cannot be disassembled make sure you cover the edges first with bubble wrap or newspaper. Open up the cardboard boxes next and lay them flat on the ground. Use these pieces of cardboard to cover the entire furniture and then secure them together with packing tape. Finally, use a marker pen or labels to indicate “THIS SIDE UP” of the furniture.

3. Be sure to insulate the mirrors when wrapping furniture that has glass like dressers or cabinets. Detach the glass panes from the cabinet if possible and wrap it with bubble wrap or numerous layers of old bedsheets or newspapers and ensure they are totally covered with cardboard boxes.

Also, bundle them together securely with tape. If the mirror is not detachable from the furniture then wrap it with several layers of bubble wrap or a blanket before placing it in the cardboard. Then secure the cardboard pieces tightly with tape again, and indicate the wrapped items in the cardboard box as “Fragile” on its label. This is important so that the boxes are handled with more care when you transport these items.

The best way to transport furniture is by disassembling it. Each piece is separately wrapped with several layers of cardboard and the edges are covered with bubble wrap or newspapers so they would not have any scratches while being carried around. Bundling all the pieces together with tape and putting a label to indicate what furniture is contained under all that wrapping will help you unpack easily. The chances of losing a piece are reduced by bundling the pieces together and it makes reassembling easier for you, too.

You can minimise damage while it is being moved to a new location by knowing the right methods of packing your furniture or when you are keeping it in furniture stores. The best options? Hire a Professional Removalist who can deal with all of this and save you any cost of having damaged furniture in your new house or office. If you are lucky to be living the in beautiful city of Sydney, call the experts at Hill Removalist at 1300 727 115 for your residential and commercial removal needs in Hills Suburbs, Sydney. Please visit to our Video channel to view our Customer Reviews Videos.