How to Pack When Relocating

There is a sense of excitement that comes with moving. Being able to start over, decorate and add your sense of style to your new home or office are just two of the things to look forward to. What isn’t so fun, however, is the move itself. Having to pack and sort through all the things you’ve acquired in previous years can be a tedious task in and of itself. Apart from having your Hills Removals take care of the heavy bits of your belongings, there are things that you can do yourself in order to make the process run smoothly.

First and foremost you’ll need to have certain supplies. There’s no packing without boxes as transporting smaller items would be a hassle without somewhere to comfortably and securely tuck in. But boxes are just one of the things you will need.

Here are some other important packing supplies:

  • Boxes: You’ll need something to put all those books and utensils, papers and bottles in.
  • Newspaper: You’ll want to wrap your glasses and plates to offer added security and prevent them from breaking. Newspaper is also a great way to fill in empty spots, in your boxes and secure your items from shifting.
  • Foam: For bigger items that are subject to being broken, foam works great as a means of adding extra protection.
  • Tape: Necessary to secure your boxes and prevent them from popping open when lifting and transporting. In order to make the process easier, choose a roll of tape that comes with a tape dispenser in order to prevent having to use your teeth to rip the tape off.
  • Markers: Label your boxes so you’ll be able to easily figure out where you had packed what.
  • Stickers: Let your Hills Removalist know where the fragile items are so they can take extra care when transporting them.

Once you have got all your necessary supplies, you’ll be ready to start packing like a professional and have everything ready for when your Hills Removalist gets there to take them away and bring it to your new home.

But where do you start?

List all the important things that you will need to pack. Things like passports can easily be forgotten in that ‘safe’ drawer in your dresser and having them fall out while your move may cause you a lot of stress. It’s always best to pack the important objects first and put a label on the box listing all the items it contains.

Manage your time properly. Try to start packing things up as early as possible. When things are left to the last minute, there can be a lot of chaos. Without enough time, you may be inclined to toss things together that don’t belong, and you’ll perhaps not secure some items properly and heighten the risk of them being broken during transportation. Don’t try to do everything at once. Packing doesn’t have to be boring, and if you space things out, the task will seem a lot lighter. Designate an hour or two per day to packing and try to stick to it as best as possible.

Know the items that you will need to use up until the very last minute and refrain from packing them before that date. This will save you from having to rip boxes open in search of them. However, do keep them together, in one place if possible, so that when it’s time to pack them up, you will have everything in the same spot.

Call your Hills Removalist and schedule a date for pickup, or get in touch with our North Shore services at Interstate Removalists. Because you value your possessions, you will only trust the best when transporting them. You need a company that is reliable, punctual and has years of experience in removal services. Hills Removalist is just whom you need in order to keep the process of moving as stress free as possible. They’ll take care of your property from the first time they come in contact with it, to the minute they position it in its final spot.